To avoid misuse, inadequate handling and conservation of Vista Alegre products, generally we advise:

Microwave safe

Dishwasher safe

Scratch resistant

Resistant to varying temperatures

Do not drag the piece on top of others to avoid scratches on the decorated surface.



Avoid storage for long periods inside of paper boxes (in case of oxidation, it can be removed with an appropriate non aggressive metal cleaning product and soft and dry flannel, test in a small area before use).

In the dishwasher, we recommend short washing cycles at low temperatures. Avoid frequent washing.
When washing by hand, use soft sponges and mild detergents.

Try not to touch the pieces directly with your fingers on the decorated areas, (the stains caused by fingerprints can be removed with a soft cloth).

Should not be used in the microwave.



Vista Alegre cutlery is produced using the highest quality raw materials and with careful maintenance should maintain its original state for many years.

After each use remnants of food should be removed in a way that avoids prolonged contact with the utensils.

During manual washing use hot water, a neutral detergent and a sponge or soft cloth.

Dish washers should avoid using abrasive detergents.

The cutlery should be placed in the machine’s basket with the handle turned down, separating the knives from the rest of the utensils.

Vista Alegre cutlery should not be washed in contact with other metal objects.

There should be special care with the knife blades due to their extra sharpness, and as they are more susceptible to oxidization they should be dried after each washing.

In order to recuperate the original shine and remove lasting stains from a lesser quality washing, a soft cloth with drops of lemon juice can be used.

Do not leave Vista Alegre cutlery in places of humidity.



In order to maintain the brilliance, clarity and luminosity of the pieces (especially crystal) it is necessary to follow some guidelines for their maintenance, as well as taking due care during their handling.

Before washing the pieces, we advise the removal of rings, bracelets and other objects that could scratch the crystal.

Do not leave the items in areas of direct sunlight, as he concentration of the sun´s rays can represent a fire hazard.

Do not put the pieces in very hot water or in the freezer.

Do not stack the pieces one on top of the other.



The pieces must be washed in warm water to avoid thermic shock and use only a non-abrasive detergent. The use of a dishwasher machine is not recommended for the thicker items.



Crystal must always be cleaned with a clean and soft dry cloth, to maintain its brilliance.



To remove stains or fingermarks simply clean the piece with a cloth soaked in alcohol.



Do not use abrasive cleaning products. Only use a damp cloth. In some cases, through contact with very hot or cold food, damage can be caused to the painted area of the items.



In the case of flasks with drink residues or vases with traces of calcium, it is recommended to use a solution of water and vinegar.

It is also possible to wash out the insides of flasks and vases with water and detergent and a few grains of rice, carefully swilling around with gentle circular movements.

Add a few drops of vinegar or bleach to the water in the vases.

Change the water after 3 days.

Do not use plant foods.



Do not place glasses face down on the draining board or when storing, as the delicate rims are the most fragile part of glasses and tumblers (especially crystal ones).

When washing or cleaning the bowl, do not make circular movements while holding the stem or the foot, as the stress can cause the glass to break.



Never let a candle burn right down to the end, as the heat can cause the candleholder to break, causing a fire.

The candle needs to be extinguished when it reaches around 1 cm from the edge of the candleholder.

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Ensure that burning candles are kept out of the reach of children.



During transportation and installation 6 SIMPLE TIPS

1-Take care of the mattress while carrying it.


You must protect it, in order not to get dirty and torn during transport. 
Do not fold the mattress during the transport.



2-Let the mattress breathe. 15ADE0B6-8160-4C7F-B7CE-D205FCC372CE_4_5

Your mattress is delivered in a carton and in a plastic packaging. It is good, after you remove the plastic, to leave the mattress for 3 hours, before you put the protector and the linen.

3-The mattress should be placed on a new, stable base. 


For the best support of the mattress, place it on a Matt-Royal® bed or base, an anatomical frame. 
A damaged base can cause permanent damage to the product for which the company is not responsible.

4-Do not use the handles to lift the mattress with all its weight. 7183F22B-40CA-499F-9E85-A2A9A87EE54B_4_5

The handles are for the slight relocation of the product, if it has already been placed in bed.

5-Do not remove the labels from the mattress.


They contain useful information about the mattress and the manufacturer and intensify the warranty.

6-When placing a new mattress, expect some adjustment period. 

After so many years in your old mattress, you have to give your body the time to adapt and get used to your new handmade mattress.


1-The mattress should not be washed, ironed, shake off and it is not allowed to be cleaned with steam. (biological cleaning) B709F50B-6183-425C-9621-02DC1EB1831A_4_5

The only way to be cleaned is by using a vacuum cleaner.

2-Do not stand upright, do not allow children to use the mattress as a trampoline. 354FE391-161F-4B45-B15A-26A28045DD29_4_5

Do not touch heavy objects on the mattress.

3-Use a mattress protector cover 

With a Matt Royal protector cover, you can manage to keep your mattress clean and ensure its maximum performance and lifetime.

4-Do not place it in places, where there is increased risk of moisture.


5-Side change & ventilation. CB0379FB-A610-44C2-BF7E-BB8E07227584_4_5

In the first 4 months of use, it is suggested to rotate the mattress, each month, in a different direction (horizontally and vertically alternately). At the end of the 4 months you have to rotate it every three months. Every 6 months place it in a position where the sun can see it. 

* Side change (B) does not apply to one-side mattresses.

6-Side change & ventilation on equilateral mattresses CB0379FB-A610-44C2-BF7E-BB8E07227584_4_5

You can apply the same procedures as in the mattresses of the classic dimensions, with the difference that in the equilateral mattresses the handles MUST ALWAYS be on the side view of the bed. 

* e.g. Dimension 2mx2m 
** Side Change (B) does not apply to one-side mattresses