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خصم "يوم معطر" للخصم الاقصى 30% لعطور وشموع البرندات الاوربية الحصرية

    Loud blue musical egg with a little black and white cat

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    Danube song:

    Reference OPPA strong blue.

    Height 7 cm Diameter: 5 cm

    Butterfly collection.
    In ancient Greece, the butterfly represented the Psyche.
    It is the symbol of metamorphosis, of joy! seeing one indicated changes in his life.
    By turning the small porcelain motif , placed on an old 20 centimes coin, which is inside the egg, you will be able to hear a pretty classic melody.
    The white porcelain is made to measure for our collections in Limoges with respect for tradition and excellence.
    Each music box expresses all its finesse and uniqueness through its decor and its unique colors.
    Signature: Painted Hand Limoges France.
    A gift box and a certificate are included.
    Each piece is packaged for transport in a protective cardboard box.