About Us

In 2013, the Saudi Furniture Company CR (1010462506) began to draw its approach in the field of luxury retail to provide its customers with the most luxurious kinds of home , palaces, hotels and guesthouses necessities . To acquire the most luxurious European and international brands with reputation, ancient history and high quality, to become the exclusive representative in the Kingdom and the Gulf for the most luxurious companies around the world.

 Today, we have a record of success as one of the pioneers in this industry and the ideal partner for many brands. We strive to promote a wonderful heritage and consolidate the concept of distinctive hospitality in the Kingdom.

The company owns and operates its own chain of exhibitions and various stores throughout the Kingdom. It includes the best home furnishings and accessories. It as well as possessing its own collection of international designs, selected from high-end accessories from all over the world.

The company is keen to establish a successful long-term relationship with its customers by serving them and meeting their requirements with great care and knowledge of the smallest details

“Commercial representation” :

The company represents many trade marks in the Kingdom and the Gulf countries as follows :

(Vista Alegre, Schiavon, Zodiac London, Matt royal, Quagliotti, Minardi, Molteni Home and  Somma) 

The company is interested in listening to the partners who wish to join its glittering group who own the famous modern brands of luxury fashion, where they can submit an exclusive request to display their mono or multi-brand collections |