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Claus Porto



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The assortment in this gift box features a selection of three soaps of the Classico range. Blended with mango and pistachio seed oil, these colourful soaps will allow for you to have a glimpse of the glamour of the Belle epoque era, on which its packaging is based. Each soap has a manually placed wax seal, with the brands logo. Smart, Fox Trot and Ondina are the soaps presented in this coffret. The fragrances: Smarts alluring scent will give your skin a velvety smooth touch. The richness roses inspired the creation of this fragrance, where peony and blackcurrant harmonize with delicate rose petals and intense amber. The result is an exquisite floral, elegant and ageless. Fox trots lovely scent will give your skin the delicateness of rosy flowers and the sweetness of ripe redberries. In this candied, feminine fragrance, there is a floral harmony between violet, mimosa and peony. Sugary notes of blackcurrant and raspberry are seasoned with base accords of musk and vetiver for the perfect final twist. Ondinas lively scent will swaddle your skin, as refreshing as sea breeze. This marine, white floral combines also the crispness of bergamot with the depth of woody notes of cedar and sandalwood.

If you are fond of floral fragrances, this is your perfect pick. Together, they offer an aromatic experience that goes from the passionate rose in Smart, delicacy of violets in Fox Trot, to the white freshness in Ondina. These three colorful soaps are wrapped in vintage Belle epoque-inspired packaging, and are part of our brands unique story. A box of scented treasures.

3x5,3 oz. Net wt. / 3x150g

Made in Portugal
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